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3 Life Science Trends to look out for in 2024

Stepping into 2024, life sciences is swiftly advancing, driven by technology and an enhanced understanding of human biology. We are excited to see the world of life sciences progressing and how will this affect medical professionals. This blog is written with the information provided by – Life Science Trends to Look Out for in 2024…

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From Lab to Market: Insuring the Journey of Pharmaceutical Companies

Insurance is essential for pharmaceutical companies operating in the highly regulated Life Sciences industry. All Med Pro provides tailored insurance solutions, enabling pharmaceutical companies to navigate complexities and focus on advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in comprehending the insurance requirements necessary for your company.  …

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5 Life Science Trends in 2023

The life science industry is continuously evolving, and every year new trends emerge that shape the future of healthcare. In 2023, we can expect to see significant advancements in AI, research and development, digitalisation, personalised medicine, and supply chain strategy. In this blog post, we will explore each of these trends in more detail and…

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10 Minutes with Simon Wyndow – Life Sciences Development Manager at All Med Pro

In 2009 Simon began his insurance career in general commercial insurance advising and broking.  During his time working within general practice, Simon took a professional and personal interest in medicine and biochemistry. Building upon this interest, he has developed experience and understanding of varying life science businesses and their complex risk management requirements. During his…

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Calling all Contract Research Organisations!

Is your business a Contract Research Organisation? All Med Pro can look after your business by providing a competitive, comprehensive, robust insurance programme. We understand that CROs provide comprehensive services to pharmaceutical, biotech, digital health and medical devices businesses. CRO’s provide a suite of consultative and research services. Arising from their professional services, a CRO…

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What is a ‘Hold Harmless’ Agreement? – Life Sciences

If you are in the business of Life Sciences, it’s important to understand how a hold harmless agreement may effect your company. This type of agreement is often written into contracts and its purpose is to relieve a party of liability. If you are not familiar with hold harmless agreements, it’s important to seek legal advice…

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Life Sciences Research & Development Tax Relief – We’re more than just experts in Insurance at All Med Pro. 

HM Revenue & Customs Research and Development relief supports Life Sciences and Technology enterprises working on cutting edge and innovative projects.  It can be claimed by several companies striving to research and develop an advancement within their sector. It can even be claimed on projects which have turned out to be unsuccessful.   In order to make a successful application, a company must demonstrate that they: looked…

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Simon Wyndow All Med Pro
Life Science Q&A with Beazley

Last week Kirsten Shastri and I caught up for a conversation about Life Sciences insurances. For those that don’t know Kirsten;  Kirsten is a highly proficient specialised Life Science and Healthcare insurance underwriter. Kirsten is located in London at Beazley UK, where she set up the International Life Sciences offering in 2019, within their London…

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