From Lab to Market: Insuring the Journey of Pharmaceutical Companies

Insurance is essential for pharmaceutical companies operating in the highly regulated Life Sciences industry. All Med Pro provides tailored insurance solutions, enabling pharmaceutical companies to navigate complexities and focus on advancing healthcare and improving patient outcomes. The purpose of this guide is to assist you in comprehending the insurance requirements necessary for your company.


Essential Insurance Requirements for Pharmaceutical Companies:


Professional Indemnity/Errors & Omissions

Public Liability

Employers Liability

Management Liability

Cyber Liability



1.Professional Indemnity

PI insurance offers protection in case your business necessitates legal defence or is deemed legally liable for failures, errors, or omissions arising from your professional services, design, or advice. Typically, an industry minimum level of coverage would be £1M, but it’s worth noting that numerous insurers provide a limit of £2M or higher. This insurance serves as a safeguard, ensuring that you have the necessary financial support and coverage in the event of legal challenges or liabilities related to your professional activities.

Professional Indemnity Claim Example – Life Sciences

The insured’s role primarily involved performing regulatory affairs services for ABC Pharma Ltd, specialising in manufacturing a drug exclusively administered by an ICU physician. ABC Pharma initiated a marketing authorisation application process for their product in multiple European countries, including Denmark. The insured provided regulatory support, including obtaining translations of necessary documents for ABC Pharma across European countries. This included initiating the Danish translation of the patient information sheet. Subsequently, the marketing application received approval, enabling the commencement and successful distribution of the first batch of the product.

Claim Outcome

An error alert was issued to rectify a dosage recommendation mentioned on the patient information leaflet, leading to a claim filed against the insured for professional negligence. The claim encompassed various costs, including expenses associated with product removal, re-stocking the supply chain, and correcting the dosage amount instructions on both the patient information leaflets and packaging.

2. Public Liability

Public liability insurance provides financial protection by covering the expenses associated with legal defence, actions, and compensation. It offers coverage for claims filed against your organisation if a third party accuses you of causing injury or damage to their property. This insurance is designed to safeguard your entity whether you are operating at your business premises or working in other locations. The initial cost of this coverage is affordable, with premiums starting at just £250.00 per year.

3. Employers Liability

Employers’ liability insurance is designed to protect businesses or individuals who have employees. This type of insurance offers indemnity by covering the costs of legal defence and compensatory payments for claims made by employees. It ensures that employers can fulfil their obligations to pay compensation to employees in cases of injury, disease, illness, or death.

4. Management Liability

Coverage can be written to cover entity management liability, directors and officers management liability, employment practices liability, and crime.

5.Cyber Liability

It is imperative for pharmaceutical companies to include cyber liability in their risk management strategies, enabling them to effectively mitigate potential threats such as breach responses, business interruption, cyber extortion, data and network liability, and electronic crime.


Pharmaceutical companies operating in the Life Sciences industry must prioritise essential insurance requirements to protect their operations and advance healthcare. Here at All Med Pro, our Life Sciences division is headed up by Simon Wyndow. Simon’s unwavering passion for the industry is truly inspiring, and his specialised expertise is invaluable.


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